Berlin Fair Grounds Across the World

Berlin Fair Grounds, Germany 1896

Elaborate exhibitions, such as Paris in 1889 and Chicago in 1893 sparked international interest in fairs across the world. Berlin was no exception when it announced the Berlin Trade Exhibition of 1896. The fair grounds consisted of 1.1 million sq.m and 10 million Reich Mark were invested including the construction of the city train station Treptow Park, the construction of Oberbaumbrucke - a stone bridge, and numerous street improvements. This was significant since the Berlin government had provided the fair grounds free of charge with the restriction that all buildings be destroyed after the end of the fair.

On the first day of the Berlin Fair, approximately 3,780 exhibitors participated including Siemens & Halske, Zirkus Hagenbeck, and Borsig. Roughly 4,000 people visited the fair each day from the first of May through the fifteenth of October for a total of 7.5 million visitors. Attractions included a scenery built of Old-Berlin in 1650, the longest lens telescope in the world, and spectacular shows featuring authentic war ship models.

Berlin Fair Grounds, Germany 2002

The state-of-the-art Berlin Exhibition Grounds in Berlin Germany features an indoor display area of 160,000 square meters with 26 interconnected exhibition halls. The beautifully landscaped Sommergarten is centrally located and accessible from all exhibition hall passageways.

Berlin Fair Grounds, Connecticut USA

Did you know that Berlin was the name of a town in Connecticut? Each year, the Berlin Lions Club sponsors the Berlin Fair which features homemade baked goods, horse shows, a tractor and equipment parade, and numerous exhibits.

Berlin Fair Grounds, Michigan USA

Although less known, another Berlin Fair occurs every year in Greater Grand Rapids. The Berlin Fair in Marne, Michigan features carnival rides, numerous exhibitions, livestock and a grand stage. It is the longest continuous fair in the state of Michigan.

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